Transformation through Mindfulness
13 Dec, 5:30pm to 17 Dec, 9:30am
0847990393  Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Centre, Drakensberg Gardens Road, Underberg

Transformation through Mindfulness

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Through accepting what is happening within us, staying with experience and learning to see more clearly we can sense into, and connect with, a mind and heartfulness that is larger than our habits. We may taste into awake presence and start a voyage of discovery into who we are beyond our ideas. Grounding into our bodies through bringing presence to our breath, our flesh and bones, our elements, and different dimensions of our being, come into the shared embodied realm. We may find an aliveness, interconnectedness and sensitivity that is profoundly transformative.

Drawing on tools from the Buddha's teaching in this retreat we will embark on this voyage together, in a shared context, as the inner journey of each of us also finding its own inner way. The retreat will be held in noble silence; there will be dharma teachings and Q & A sessions as well as one to one interviews offered, guided and silent meditations

Cost / Pricing: 
R2600.00 to R3000.00 plus Donation for teacher & managers
Teacher / Instructor: 
Nolitha Tsengiwe & Sumedha

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