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Eye of the Vedas: Topical Vedic Astrology

LISTING > Prophetic Guidance, Meditation  in Cape Town

Prophetic Guidance
Eye of the Vedas: Topical Vedic Astrology offers Prophetic Guidance, Meditation in Cape Town

 I offer a number of services.

Firstly, birth chart readings that give an overview of a person's psycho-physical disposition, vocational potential and spiritual inclination. The birth chart reveals among other things how the present life is a continuity of past lives and what the major lessons to be learnt are.

Secondly, compatibility readings that assess the synastry between couples.

Thirdly, prashna or horary readings where the client asks a question; this can be in relation to a lost object or person; financial or investment matters; job promotion; relationships etc...

Fourthly, year reports that describe the karmic tide of the year ahead.

Fifthly, I offer workshops and seminars on Vedic Astrology and meditation.

Gender Exclusive: 
10 - 20yr
Listing Type: 
Psychology, UNISA
Religious Studies, UNISA
Postgraduate Studies in Early Buddhism (In Progress)
Vaishnava Theology, Sanskrit and Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology), India

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