Wellness Within Studio
Serenity Wellness Centre, 6 Annandale Road, Diep River
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Wellness Within Studio

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M Technique
Wellness Within Studio offers Pilates, M Technique, Massage in Diep River

“We believe in cultivating a healthy and loving relationship to self. We believe in being at home and comfortable in your body. We believe in the wellness within.”

Small intimate mat classes
Private and semi-private sessions working with mat and pilates equipment
We focus on the needs of each individual, inspiring the unity of body, mind and spirit.

The M-Technique:
Activating the parasympathic nervous system, this light energetic form of touch therapy allows the receiver to drift into a state of deep relaxation and inner peace, which promotes the natural healing of the body, encouraging pain relief and stress reduction.

Therapeutic massage sessions designed to soothe and calm the nervous system, reduce stress, muscle tension and assist with pain relief, while promoting overall wellness.

Myofascial release:
This technique focuses on softening and opening up the muscles and connective tissues, creating more space in the body for fluidity of movement. Benefits include an increase in circulation to deeper tissue, encourages pain relief, increased range of motion and mobility, improved posture, increased pliability of tissues, facilitates mind/body connection and promotes physical and emotional healing.

The study of the iris of the eye, in order to access overall health by identifying imbalances within the body.
Iridology focuses on holistic care, rather than simply focusing on the disease or symptoms that one may experience.
Empowering the individual to take control of their own wellbeing, giving them a greater understanding of ways in which to improve their own health naturally.

Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Erin Knight: Certification in Pilates matwork- Conscious Movement Education
Dale Leigh Gess: Diploma in Therapeutic massage therapy | Certification in Pilates matwork- Conscious Movement Education | Certification in Pilates equipment- Conscious Movement Education | Certification in Iridology- Suzanne Haylett Iridology
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