I AM ABUNDANCE - How does your Body Feel about Money & Abundance?
7 Dec,
9:30am to 4:30pm
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I AM ABUNDANCE - How does your Body Feel about Money & Abundance?

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Join us in discovering a revolutionary way to embody abundance by uncovering the root cause behind all feelings of lack.

Our holistic approach to Abundance & Money is about embodying a deep trust in life. When we say life we mean all of life including our incongrusnces and shadow aspects.

Our undigested and incompleted life experiences in the past inhibit the flow of our natural abundance in the present. 
This includes the incompletions of our family blood line and ancestry.

How do we heal the incompletions from the past?


How do you unlock your creativity and return to your natural state of innocense & playfulness?

What happens if money does not depend on circumstance?

We FEEL this in our Bodies.  As we connect to that feeling place, we can free ourselves from the wounding that cloaks our Freedom. 

The unconscious cellular memory of our ancestry is what dictates our mindset around prosperity or poverty. We can change our beliefs & thoughts, and still have deep resistance to our natural sovereign abundant nature.


1. You keep meeting deep seated FEELING resistance to your abundant nature manifestations, even after addressing your beliefs and thoughts around abundance.

2. You are already feeling abundant and need tools to support others in embodying what you know as truth.

3. You want to learn group rituals (systemic constellations) that dissolve negative thought forms embedded in the personal and planetary field.

Free gifts for early birds

More info and sign up at https://iamabundnace.org  Erly Bird ends November 10t

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Amy Amy Lyn Pratyahara & Andrew Kennth Fretwell

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