Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already listed somewhere else so why do I need another listing?

It’s a great idea to be listed in as many places as you can but it’s really good to be listed on a site that works so hard to promote you. Holistica has so many benefits that other directory sites don’t offer. We find many of the directory sites are simply directory sites whereas we are highly active and vibrant forever posting new articles, advertising our practitioners and getting our community involved. Our people have constant engagement and much higher SEO status, we don’t just stick you on the site and forget about you. You can also use your Holistica profile instead of having a website so there are many cost savings in that as well. Remember to check out all the benefits and follow our promotion guidelines to get even better results. Being on Holistica also carries credibility and is a great reassurance to people who might be looking you up to see if they should make an appointment.

What are the benefits of being on Holistica?

1. Including all your contact details, plus your blog or website address, Google picks this up as a website linking back to your site. This means better searchability and results.

2. Listing with us means you are putting out directions for potential clients from many different places to find you.

3. We have excellent google search rankings for searches that matter (like "reflexology cape town", "aromatherapy massage cape town" etc.)

4. You will also notice that our articles are posted regularly and are well written by professional journalists. These are all posted to our social media platforms (10000 + on facebook) and gather loads of interest.

5. The site is also modern in design and functionality. It works well on mobile and tablets (55% of traffic these days!) where as many older sites mentioned do not. It's also good looking, which helps as well!

6. Our idea is not to just forget about you on the site, but rather to add searchable key words and create a compelling environment to direct people to your services on an ongoing basis.

7. Holistica is a growing authority in trust and professionalism. We encourage practitioners to get reviews written on their profile so potential clients have more info about the credibility of the practitioner they intend to see.

8. We also allow you to place up to 5 events at any given time on our platform as well gaining benefit from our community platform. For example you could send us an article on your healing discipline which we can publish on the website and social media with a link to your profile. This is often a good idea for niche modality which might not receive lots of traffic from google searches.

9. Our social media reach is around 6000 and growing and we are also able to promote your events and profile through this channel which is another great way to grow your brand and product offering.

10. We send out frequent newsletters and often do extra promotions for individual practitioners on this platform. We also place ads in various media and have a strong marketing strategy in place to add to your popularity.

I can’t afford it at the moment.

We say it will pay for itself - for R150 a month you only need one or two referrals from the site and you’ve paid for your year’s subscription. It's also an inexpensive alternative to having a website. Some of our clients use their Holistica profile as their only online presence.

I have enough clients already.

That’s amazing to hear, but being on the site isn’t only about eliciting more clients – it’s a reference for your existing client base, it’s a great way to connect with your contemporaries, to participate in a community of like-minded people, to hear about events and competitions and simply to be connected and in the loop. It's also great for people who really need you, to be able to find you.

How many referrals can I expect from your site?

Well, firstly having an expert profile and great picture helps tremendously. Potential clients need to know what you do. Getting reviews is also an excellent way of making clients feel confident about booking an appointment. Information about the type of treatment you do is also great, we can potentially help you with that by posting an article about your healing discipline. You have every chance of getting lots of leads and if there’s any way we can help you, we will. We mail a newsletter to over 15 thousand people every month and our community is growing daily. You’ll never know how many people feel compelled to call you once they see that you are on a credible site like Holistica.

I don’t want to give out my bank details.

Our payment gateway is as secure as any can be. Sage pay is a trusted authority and used by many leading companies. If you’d like to know more about the security guarantees from Netcash you can log on to Alternatively, you can make an upfront EFT payment and you won’t have to give out any of your bank details.

Do I need to commit for 12 months?

The aim and strategy at Holistica is to have a solid resource that’s reliable and ongoing rather than directory entries that pop on and off. For this reason, we ask our practitioners to commit to a year. Our idea is not to just forget about you on the site, but rather to add searchable key words and create a compelling environment to direct people to your services on an ongoing basis. As you can see, we’re far from a stagnant directory, and we need the 12-month commitment to make it worth all the time and effort we put into each new listing. That being said, if you are very unhappy with the service, we do allow cancellations after the first three months.

Can you guarantee me clients/clicks?

We can guarantee that you will be promoted on a platform that is currently receiving great traffic, and that your optimised page will certainly boost your online searchability presence. Whether or not people choose to make the final click on your particular page is of course up to how enticing/relevant your service itself is, and is obviously not something we could ethically guarantee from our side. On the whole, Holistica members are reporting great responses to their respective pages so we’d be happy to help you grow yours into a similar success.

How long will it take to get clients from Holistica?

We believe that Holistica is the best platform for any qualified practitioner to be seen and featured. We have a growing community of people using our site and our SEO ranking is growing daily. It’s one of the most active directory sites you will find. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to build up a practice so being steadfast and consistent is the best way to build a foundation. Sometimes a client will have heard of a certain practitioner from a friend, and then seeing them on Holistica gives them the final message that they should make an appointment. Other times they will have seen a brochure or a business card and feel secure when they also find them listed on Holistica. Other times clients will discover a practitioner on Holistica and when they find out a family member has been, will then make an appointment. Not all the appointments that Holistica has assisted with are necessarily credited to Holistica but we promise you that being on Holistica will give you credibility and the best opportunity to be found. Besides that, we are always working and going the extra mile to make our practitioners successful whichever way we can.

My healing discipline isn’t listed on your site, can I request a new category?

As our categories are designed and optimised according to search engine functionality, it is best to list you under existing categories that we know people search for. The categories function as search terms and as such are all about getting you found. If you feel very strongly about your category choice please email us and make a request. (

I’m registered with the AHPCSA, does that meant I am not allowed to advertise?

That’s a great query.

Before we began Holistica, our legal advisor consulted with the Allied Health Professions Council to determine the advertising guidelines. In short, practitioners* are permitted to advertise online. In fact, advertising in a directory like Holistica is supported.

They did provide some guidelines for the information advertised, namely that:

• the adverts should be in good taste
• the adverts do not make exaggerated claims (e.g. cure cancer)
• the adverts are not insulting or defamatory of other practitioners or the AHPCSA
• the adverts do not constitute comparative advertising
• the adverts do not contain photos of patients unless permission is provided
• the adverts do no contain patient testimonials
• the advertisers do not claim to be the best at what they do (complied comparative advertising)
*List of practitioners and therapists in respect of which the above restrictions apply:
• Acupuncturist
• Ayurveda practitioner
• Chinese medicine practitioner
• Chiropractor
• Homeopath
• Naturopath
• Osteopath
• Physiotherapist
• Unani-Tibb practitioner
• Therapeutic Aromatherapist
• Therapeutic Reflexologist