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Chinese Medicine
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Andrew Kenneth Fretwell offers Chinese Medicine, Facilitator or Mentor, Tai Chi in Gauteng

Have you ever had a very powerful experience of your own inner love and soul presence but then have it fade away after a nights sleep?

Have you ever experienced great joy even bliss after a powerful weekend event retreat or workshop but not be able to maintain that beautiful inner state of being in your day to day life?

Is it challenging for you to maintain your inner peace when faced with judgement or cold rejection from others, especially your closest loved ones?

In order for us to be able to live our life with a consistent embodied connection to our Soul we will first of all have to open the inner pathways to our Soul.  Thankfully we do not have to practice this on faith alone. I’m personally not interested in faith, I’m most interested in WHAT WORKS and anything that can consistently and practicly deliver results in our day to day life/

I have over 40 years expeerince, expreimentimg primarily on myself and investigating as to what works in day to day life. I have found that Taoist Inner Alchemy and the cultvation  and crystilazation of the Soul in this dimension truly is the most effective way to become our true self.

I have tested this around the world with thousdands of students all interested in being able to embody and ground the more refined states of soul consiousness into this dimension. I call it simpley heaven on earth/ I beleive the number one issue facing humanity collectivy is the lack of intergration betwene the soul and personality.   Cultivating our soul and making it more real in this dimension is the only thing we can take back into the  greater collective when we let the body go at death.

I use a number of very powerfu modalitus to assit in this embodiment prooccess

WuJi Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment Secretly practiced by a linage of Taoist masters and kept hidden for 800 years considered to powerful.

Original Feeling Touch ( OFT)
My own apprpach to somatic bodywork and unconditional touch that effortlessly releases and transform undigested trauma from the body. so that we can more fully embody and enjoy our place on the earth/

Compassionate Systemic Constellations (group rituals) that release and transform ancestral patters stored in our blood line and the collective wounding patterns of humanity



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20yr +
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Senior Instructor Univesral Helaing Tao. Founder Creator of Original Feeling Touch
$250.00 per 90 min session

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